Nonatzin Leova, La Gran Madre... Mi Maestra

nonatzin / mi madre
incua ni miquiz / aquí madrecita
mo tlecuilpan xi nechtocan / cuando duerma para siempre
ihuan ihcuac tiaz ti tlalxcalchihuaz / sobre tu fuego hazme florecer
ompa no pampa ti choca / y cuando vayas a hacer tus tortillas
ihuan talca mitz tlahtlaniz / ahí por mi llora
zihuapilli tleca ti choka / y si alguien te preguntara
zanueliui xi nanquiliz / mujercita por qué lloras?
xoxohtic / prontamente contestales
in quiahuitl ihuan popoca… / verde esta la leña y humea...
Walking by La Maestra's side, always it is an experience full of love, wisdom and light... such as my brother of soul Siri Ram Singh (Roberto) from New York shares with me...
La Piedra Mágica (The Magic Stone)
It is now perhaps 2:00pm, and we have finally hitched a ride down from the mountain village of Sontecomapa. Still above the clouds, our bags now filled with oranges, eggs and hard to find herbs... Arriving at the main road, we ask when the next truck to Cuetzalan will pass by...and are may appear at 4:30...or it may appear at 5:30...or it may appear at 6:30...because we are in the middle of absolutely nowhere... and it is beautiful like a dream...the Mountains...Sun...and Sky.
Too hot to just stay still, Dona Leova and I decide to begin walking towards the next village, 7 miles away...perhaps there, we will find our ride home. As always, she suggests that we find ice-cream before begining our journey...but we are in the middle of absolutley nowhere...and, of course, ice cream shall not be found we walk and we walk and we walk and we walk.
After an hour or so Dona Leova reaches towards the earth to pick up a rather normal looking, medium sized rock..."Hey Roberto," she asks me with songs in her smile, "How do you like my rock?"...I am used to the games by now (you see we play them all day long), and so I tell her that the rock is more magnificant than words can possibly touch...she nods enthusiasticaly agreeing that we are indeed blessed to receive her new we walk and we walk and we walk and we walk...(have I mentioned that we are in the middle of absolutely nowhere?)...and then, looking over at Dona Leova, I notice that she is parading down the road like a 6 year-old Queen...with the rock now lovingly placed on the top of her head...she glides...perfectly poised, gifted with grace and oh so very proud of herself...I too am very proud of her...and must tell her so..."Oh Dona look so a fashion model on T.V!"...she is more than encouraged with the wisdom of my she dances past the palm trees and the cactus and the corn, showing me that, Yes, of course, she is a Movie Star...we walk, and we walk and we walk and we walk...Dona Leova continuing to balance the world on her head.
"Hey Roberto," she laughs, "Do you know why I like this rock?"...Happy that she still wants to play the game, I joyfully go along for the ride..."No Maestra, please tell me"...which of course she does as she instructs me..."Look at it has the face of The Ancestors...and when I put it on my keeps my mind clear"...I pause...and she pauses...and we take it all in...for a moment...just standing there...with the middle of absolutely nowehere...and it is beautiful like a dream...with the Mountains...Sun...and Sky.
Suddenly we see an impossibly humble figure walking towards us from far down the road...he is carrying a heavy load on top of his head..."Look Roberto, he is so old, no?"...and yes, as we walk closer, it becomes perfectly clear that he is absolutley ancient...and beautiful...and...what is he doing out here in the middle of nowhere?..."Oh good" she says "Maybe he has ice-cream for us." which is of course the perfect we laugh and we laugh and we walk and we walk.
Finally we are in front of him and Dona Leova asks what he is carrying..."Ice Cream," he tells us, as he opens the crate and fills our hands with sweetness... More magnificant than words can possibly touch...We thank him as we say good-bye...and we walk and we walk and we walk and we walk...Guyava and Pineapple flavored sticks for me and, as always, two Coconut sticks for Dona Leova...the coolness in our mouths...and the Stars in our minds... we are in the middle of absolutely nowhere... and it is beautiful like a dream...the Mountains...Sun...and Sky.
"Hey Roberto," she asks me with songs in her smile, "How do you like my Rock?"

Siri Atma Kaur, nonatzin ¡Ay ay ay! No tengo las palabras que describan tanta magia y belleza, mi corazón aún sigue vibrando toda esa felicidad y poderosa energía compartida con mi Maestra. Con ella todo fluye tan suavecito como cuando la magia, la divinidad y la energía vital se armonizan. A cada paso una planta nueva por conocer, un remedio por aplicar, un paisaje por descubrir, una persona por curar, un atore por liberar, un rezo o mantra por compartir, una canción para cantar a coro, sonrisas, recuerdos, experiencias y harto amor pa' compartir. Un GRAN encuentro de almas compartiendo un poquito de todo con el corazón abierto de par en par. Es un privilegio ENORME aprender a sanar bajo el amparo de Mamá Leova, la nonatzin (La Mamá, such as Yogui ji used to call her) siempre sonriente y amorosa, hermosa y sabia, alegre compañera que vive alegre y se enorgullece al mostrarte el caminito y el sustento espiritual… alimentar el alma. La gran princesa alma en acción.

Durante la celebración a las madres de este año , mi nonatzin Leova del alma está latiendo muy fuerte en mi corazón y mientras espero su pronta visita les comparto que hoy estará impartiendo el curso

"Healing Traditions of Mother Earth with Dona Leova" en Kundalini Yoga East en New York "On this Mother's Day we are blessed to have Dona Leova teach us her healing traditions. Dona Leova is a healer and community leader from the Nahuatl Indian tradition of Mexico and a friend and healer to Yogi Bhajan.

Yogi Bhajan requested she share her knowlegde with us."

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