milagros de Guru Ram Das

Y milagrosamente... llegaron huevos nuevos para la clinica!!!
Con gusto de recibir buenas nuevas de Cuetzalan, Siri Ram Singh hace de mis días una llenura de "dulcera"... ¡Gracias por la foto Robert Ji!


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msingh dijo…
Hello Amrit Kaur Ji,

great to learn about sikhs in Mexico. Any chance of writing something about this picture in English?


Siri Amrit Kaur dijo…
Sat Nam MSingh,

There is much to say about this picture but I’ll try to resume it....

It is about the mixture that turns out to join: the wisdom of two magnificent cultures, such as they are the Mexican indigenous and sikh.

My very best friend Siri Ram Singh from New York came to Mexico last month and went to Doña Leova´s place, she is a traditional healer also my teacher, friend and a amazing woman.

If you want to know more please let me know it at

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