Song of Victory

A poem by Yogi Bhajan
There is nothing more precious in life than the song of victory. No chance and no dance can prove the living reality. The trust of life, a part of me - you are all. In the handicapped time, walk tall. You must know you have to sow seeds of a great tomorrow, You must know you have to lead people in the depth of the sorrow. Give them happiness, give them strength, give them God's love, Give them peace; give them the purity of a white dove. You are my staff. Now you must walk in the destiny for which you have been called. You must unite and be as one - this above all! My body has fallen but not my spirit. You must replace me as a body with your grit. It's your chance to prove the time and be - just to be. Work Hard! With Guru's grace comes the victory we have to see.


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