I have come to You. I have come to Your Sanctuary. I have come to place my faith in You. I have come seeking Mercy. If it pleases You, save me, O my Lord and Master. The Guru has placed me upon the Path. 1 Pause Maya is very treacherous and difficult to pass through. It is like a violent wind-storm. 1 I am so afraid to hear that the Righteous Judge of Dharma is so strict and stern. 2 The world is a deep, dark pit; it is all on fire. 3 I have grasped the Support of the Holy Saints. Nanak meditates on the Lord. Now, I have found the Perfect Lord. 4 3 46


Singhu dijo…

Dhan Waheguru..Dhan Dhan Waheguru..

Nice blog..finally find something in english..:).

KAURS dijo…

please post this story on your blog it is disheartening and we must spread awareness about such issues occuring in India !

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